Planning Days Trips for the Holidays

Planning day trips can seem scary, after all little people come with some much ‘stuff’, and the last thing you want is to be caught out with that all important comforter, or without a nappy as you have forgotten to pack it in the blur of activity getting ready to get out of the door.

I have planned a few days out for the kids this summer holiday, but I haven’t gone as crazy trying to book something for every single day like I have previous years. I have decided that it’s quality over quantity, but that is not to say that they will be expensive days out. I have been searching all over blogs to find some great fun days out that won’t cost a fortune.  Look for local(ish) parks, discovery centres and other places which are free to get into. My kids love going to our large park a few miles away, it has acres and acres of open fields. I buy some cheap kites, pack a picnic (don’t forget your picnic blanket too!) and prepare your bags the night before to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.


Get older children to help you. Get them to write a list of stuff they want/need to take with them on a day out. Give them their own cute bag to pack it all in. My toddler adores packing his animal child bag, he feels very grown up carrying it on his back. My older child loves writing a list and sneaking in a few toys for the journey, and even the occasional book!


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