Preparing for a sunny Sunday

The heatwave of the UK continues, and we are making the most of it here at Minene UK. The kids are plastered in sun protection, and we are enjoying a break from the cooking by letting the men BBQ up some food.

Tomorrow is set to be nice too, and as it’s Sunday we will be making the most of it and kicking off the day with breakfast in the garden. I have been busy preparing some fruit to make into fruit kebabs, it’s really simple and effective. Just cut up your favourite fruits (and maybe something the children don’t tend to eat), push them onto wooden skewers which are available in the BBQ aisle of the supermarkets…and voila! Fruit skewers!

fruit skewers                                      Image credit. 

I always find filling up the paddling pool in the morning is a good idea, it gives it a few hours to heat up a little from the sun. Sitting down on the Minene Portable Activity Mat, I can hopefully catch a few sunrays while the kids splash happily in the pool.


Of course they can then wrap up in a Cuddly Poncho. Remember we have a giveaway running  on our blog where you could win one! Just enter here.

We hope you all enjoy your sunny weekend, and that the little people are coping OK with the heat…back soon!


Of course they have their Minene Cuddly Ponchos for when they get out.


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