Breastfeeding Big Babies – Myths Shattered.


Today we have a guest blog from Katy from Wittering from the Sofa, on how she managed to bust the preconceptions that she wouldn’t be able to exclusively as she was a large baby…

 My daughter was 9lb 3oz when she was born, a very big surprise for us all as we weren’t expecting her to be big – I’m only 5ft 1!

I was always determined to try to breastfeed her for as long as she wanted me to and was supported well in hospital.  She spent 36 hours in SCBU due to Polycythema (too much haemoglobin) and I stayed on the ward upstairs however my wishes to not give her formula were followed and whenever she needed feeding they called the ward for me to go down (if I wasn’t already there) which lead to me wandering the hospital in my pyjamas in the middle of the night trying to remember where the baby unit was!

When she was allowed back on the ward with me I struggled with the feeding and was encountering toe curling pain whenever I tried to feed her.  I requested help and a midwife watched me feed and tried to help me get my latch correct.  However I was struggling and it was only when a breast feeding consultant happened to pop in while I was feeding did I get some valuable help – she spotted a slight tongue tie and taught me to feed my daughter Rugby Ball style.

From this point things improved dramatically and I started to enjoy my breast feeding journey and the time I had with my daughter uninterrupted just to watch her.  Many times I had comments from people about how big she was and how I would never produce enough milk to feed her sufficiently which just made me more determined to feed her.   At my 6 week check the doctor seemed surprised I was still feeding her and at her 1st set of injections I made the nurse change the form as she had ticked that I was only partially feeding her!

I fed my daughter exclusively until she was 6 months old and it was only when I returned to work when she was 7 months did we introduce formula because I couldn’t seem to express more than the odd oz at a time!

I continued to breast feed my daughter mornings and evenings until she was 20 months old and look back on those times together as a great experience.

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