How large is large?

I often get asked about the size of our Large storage baskets. Mainly because on the website it is tricky to tell just how big the large is. Yes I could give you the exact measurements, but do you have  tape measure to hand? I can’t say that I carry one around, so I presume other people don’t either. So I thought an easier way to show you would be to put items inside.

The large basket with various toys in the bottoms.


I am a big cloth nappy fan, inside the basket here is 43 nappies, 26 thick fleece liners. There is still plenty of room, in fact I think I could get 80 nappies inside as well as various other cloth nappy bits and bobs.


Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, what about a child? Baby Emma inside the large basket.


Please note, no babies were harmed in the process of basket sizing.

You can find all the colours of our storage online at:

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