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Monochrome Nursery Storage Review

I’m sure most parent’s would agree that when it comes to nursery storage there’s no such thing as too much. Max’s nursery is full of storage baskets and toy boxes, yet I still found myself running out of room to put his ever growing collection of toys. This monochrome nursery storage set from Minene is the latest addition to our collection, and it’s most definitely my favourite.

The design of this storage set suits my tastes perfectly. It’s monochrome chevron design on the outside is complimented beautifully by the cute monochrome spotty design on the inside. Made from a cotton mix it has a soft luxurious feel and is easy to keep clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth. It’s lightweight material and in-built carry handles make it great to pick up and move about the room as you wish.

Measuring 45cm x 40cm the larger storage basket is great for the mountain of toys we seem to be collecting and is so deep it would rival any other basket on the market. The smaller storage basket, measuring 22cm x 18cm, has become my little changing basket and is perfectly sized to hold up to 60 nappies and a few packs of baby wipes.

Monochrome Nursery Storage

There are plenty of other ways to get the most out of these storage baskets. The large one would be great for storing extra bedding, clothing or as a laundry basket, and the smaller basket is ideal for keeping smaller toys, accessories or even books. And it’s perfectly sized to sit neatly on top of your chest of drawers.

The on trend designs of these storage baskets mean they don’t have to be confined within the four walls of your little one’s nursery either, especially at it seems toys have a habit of making their way to just about any and every room in the house. They certainly wouldn’t look out of place in any living room, conservatory, play room or even bathroom.

There’s a vast array of storage on offer at Minene, from storage cubes and boxes, to single baskets and basket sets, which all come in a range of colours and patterns. So whether you’re into pink, blue or monochrome, or spots, stripes or stars, there’s guaranteed to be something to suit just about every taste, and with a RRP of £38 this is money well spent, after all, you can’t put a price on a neat and tidy house in my opinion.


I don’t know about you but bath-time is a big deal in our house. There’s nothing more that Max loves than stripping down and having a good old splash about, giving us a good soaking in the process.

A good quality bath towel is therefore essential when it comes to getting dry. So when we were given the chance to try an animal hooded towel from Minene I just had to say yes.

We opted for the blue animal towel, keen to add in a bit of colour and replace the white one that Max has had since he was born. The towel also comes in lemon, pink, green and white so there is something to suit every little baba in your lives.

The towel measures 70cm x 70cm. Max is a fair size for his age and it wrapped round him nicely but if he carries on growing at the rate he is it won’t be long before he outgrows it unfortunately. The hooded towel however is an ideal size for those precious newborns that have just entered your lives.

The towel is made from 100% cotton and had a lovely feel to it. Nice and soft so it was gentle on Max’s skin but not too fluffy that bits of fluff came off when drying. It even has a clever apron design, which secures via velcro round your neck, which allows you to keep dry and leaves both hands free for safe lifting. I think you can tell from Max’s face that it’s got his seal of approval.

I’ve already got my eye on the hooded cuddly towel range from Minene, which is a larger version of the newborn one and is suitable for toddlers, for when Max outgrows this one. After all, my little miracle baby deserves nothing but the finer things in life.

Winter Warmers

So now that the cold is upon us, (well it was for a few weeks, suddenly it is pretty mild again) we need to keep our babies snug as a bub.  I was lucky enough to try some fleece products by the Children and Baby brand Minene.  They design and produce innovative quality pieces at very affordable prices, you may have guessed they were founded by 3 Mothers!

When browsing their website you’re greeted by cute and colourful designs and inspirational nursery pictures.  Always a winner for me as a marketer’s dream, I usually want every product I see when put together nicely.  Back to the Winter Warmers…

Jasper’s now 7 months old and I was yet to opt for anything fleece for him.  But given it’s now winter, thought let’s try two essential items, a blanket (can never have too many blankets for a baby) and a foot-muff to keep him cosy whilst in his pram.

I was so impressed with the blanket.  Jasper is a fan as has a new found interest in bi-planes. He has a cute little mobile in his room with hanging bi-planes, which he is fascinated by, and now his favourite blanket has a bi-plane picture on it too.  The blanket is light blue, fluffy fleece one side, and plain (with a plane!) the other.  Blue is a good colour for us as Jasper is ‘occasionally’ (very often) mistaken for a girl. I blame those big dark eyes.  So blue, as gender stereotypical as it is, helps us out of any embarrassing situations where we have to explain he is actually a boy.  I wasn’t sure how Jasper would take to the blanket as when sleeping he likes to fling away any covers, however with the fleece being so lightweight and also very soft he allows it to stay on.  Perfect for those freezing nights we had a few weeks back.  He also enjoys the blanket on him when out and about in his pram or car seat, and it saved the day when he was poorly a few weeks back as we both spent an afternoon wrapped-up on the sofa with it (see ‘feeling-sorry-for-myself’ pic on my Instagram account).

I have to admit his love for the blanket may also stem from the Minene label along one side.  As most Moms will know, babies obsess over labels.  I used to obsess over cutting out any labels, but have had to let go of this and allow him to have them.  So, the blanket is a winner; soft, boyish enough, warm, cute and affordable!  It also washes well as I had to wrap him in it when collecting firewood (yep as cavewoman as it sounds) and they were both covered in wood chip.  It’s now fresh and good as new again.

Onto the next Winter Warmer I tried.  A grey and white star fleecy foot-muff.  Anyone who knows Jasper and his nursery will know we love a grey and white star.  The foot-muff is a universal fit for all prams and has slits on the back and bottom to hook your safety straps through.  It is fairly thick but I didn’t know if it would withstand the cold of the Cotswolds when visiting my Sister and Niece last week and it dropped to -4, but it did.  We used it on a trip to meet Father Christmas and his Reindeers.  Jasper was really cosy tucked-up in his pram with the fleece.  It’s not too bulky so can stay attached to the pram seat when in the car (unlike most puffy foot-muffs) and isn’t too long so doesn’t hand over the bottom of the seat.

We are now big advocates of the brand and you might see Jasper’s little face on their website with these items.  Next on my list of Minene purchases are PJs, the cute storage boxes, and my current favourite slipper socks!


Minene has a fun and contemporary line of baby products. From PJ’s to storage solutions they cater to the many needs of new parents. Minene has an in-house design team creating beautiful products which are made with love to produce practical, functional and unique designs especially for children and their parents. They are sold in 20 countries across the world.


We’re trying to get Caspian to learn basis things like helping to tidy his toys, put things in the bin and his dirty clothes in the washing basket. He’s doing really well, though sometimes he takes everything out again. Just because he can…


When we were recently offered to review one of the stylish laundry bags from Minene I went for the navy colour with a white star print as it matches our guest bathroom. I envision that this basket can go in Caspian’s room when his older and hopefully he’ll continue to pop his laundry in there. Wishful thinking I know. Especially if he takes after me as I have to hold my hands up to not being the tidiest person that has ever walked this earth. I claim it’s due to my creative nature, but no one is quite buying it! At least I’m trying to teach him to be better.

The basket is made from cotton and easy to clean with a damp cloth. It also has handles which makes it super practical as it’s light and doesn’t add any significant weight, so when full you can carry it to your washing machine with ease.


Another great feature is that is folds flat and can be hidden away when not in use. Though let’s face it. if you have children your washing basket is ALWAYS in use, so you might as well invest in a design that’s easy on the eye, like this one.

It can naturally also be used for storage of shoes, clothes, toys, blanket etc.


This particular style of washing basket comes in six different designs and matches the rest of Minene’s fun interior design lines. It measures  W37 x H55cm and retails at £32 with free shipping over £75. You can find the full collection on Minene’s website.

NB! Please note we were gifted this item. All words and opinions are my own. 

Minene Laundry Basket Review!

I’ve spoken a couple of times about chores for children, and I have a whole video chatting about it on our YouTube channel coming soon (will replace with a link once it goes live!) the girls, 4 and 3 are now at an age where they can start helping to keep their room a little tidier, one way we have been encouraging this is with this funky new laundry basket from Minene.

The Minene laundry basket (£32) comes in 6 different designs, from a cute pale pink to a funky monochrome chevron. As the girls bedroom is currently deep plum and grey (it used to be our bedroom an we haven’t gotten round to decorating!) the grey chevron was the perfect choice for us.  Made from cotton the basket has built in handles for easy transport and is lightweight, durable and practical. This is the perfect accessory to brighten up any room and has the added bonus that it folds flat when not in use…not that there is ever an empty wash basket in this house!
Now my girls love to get themselves changed about a thousand times a day so when I popped this in their room they got straight to work filling it with the random clothes they found dotted around the bedroom, hiding in toy boxes, squashed in between books on the book shelf, tucked into the end of the bed…you know the usual hiding places!
The laundry hamper fits in perfectly in their bedroom and looks great too. We have had it for a week now and as of yet, I haven’t found any clothes in places they shouldn’t be! It really has encouraged the girls to keep their room tidy…although it wouldn’t be a child’s room with a teddy or 2 on the floor right!
We were sent this product in return for an honest review.