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Soaking up the last of the Summer Sun

The school summer holidays might be over but the sun is still shining bright at the moment. We have been getting out into the sun this weekend, and baby Emma is loving the fresh air, I am loving feeding her lunch outside (baby led weaning is messy!).

Our playtimes honestly wouldn’t be complete without the Minene Portable Activity Mat. It is padded, it has a waterproof layer on one side and a lovely patterned side which has toys attached.

IMG_2851It’s not just a product that will get used in the summer alone, it can be taken anywhere with the use of its handy bag. It is great for baby group and taking on family visits, especially great for the ones who have no children and cream carpets!

Grab yours at:


Facebook Giveaway!

Who fancies winning something lovely? Of course you do, and it’s really simple to enter.

Simply ‘Like’ Minene Facebook page, share one of the ‘Giveaway’ pictures, and when we reach 1600 likes we will randomly select one of the ‘sharers’ to win some of our lovely storage.

If you are the lucky winner you will get to choose the style and colour of the storage you win. This will consist of either a large box, or large basket. It will also include a small basket or small box. Both in the pattern of your choice. This is worth up to £41!

minene storage comp

But that’s not all, when we reach 2000 likes we will be giving away a 3 in 1 activity mat worth £79 to one follower.

minene 3 in 1 playmat

Get liking and sharing!

Terms and conditions:

Open to UK and Ireland residents only. Winners will be picked at random from likers of the Minene UK Facebook page. No purchase necessary.

Supersized Muslins, Supersized Uses.

Muslins are a must for parents of a baby. I always make sure I have a stack of them around the house, they are fab for grabbing at a moments notice and they have loads of uses too.

minene supersize muslins

Our supersize muslins have many uses, and the size of them really do mean that they are multi purpose. Measuring 85 x 115cm’s, they are large enough to be used a nursery shawl when breastfeeding, and also big enough to use on a pushchair as a sunshade. I love using mine to line the moses basket mattress and even the changing mat for nappy changes.

minene supersized muslins

They also can be used for swaddling, the uses of the Supersize Muslin really are never ending!

You can check all our Supersize Muslins out in our shop for just £12.

Planning Days Trips for the Holidays

Planning day trips can seem scary, after all little people come with some much ‘stuff’, and the last thing you want is to be caught out with that all important comforter, or without a nappy as you have forgotten to pack it in the blur of activity getting ready to get out of the door.

I have planned a few days out for the kids this summer holiday, but I haven’t gone as crazy trying to book something for every single day like I have previous years. I have decided that it’s quality over quantity, but that is not to say that they will be expensive days out. I have been searching all over blogs to find some great fun days out that won’t cost a fortune.  Look for local(ish) parks, discovery centres and other places which are free to get into. My kids love going to our large park a few miles away, it has acres and acres of open fields. I buy some cheap kites, pack a picnic (don’t forget your picnic blanket too!) and prepare your bags the night before to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.


Get older children to help you. Get them to write a list of stuff they want/need to take with them on a day out. Give them their own cute bag to pack it all in. My toddler adores packing his animal child bag, he feels very grown up carrying it on his back. My older child loves writing a list and sneaking in a few toys for the journey, and even the occasional book!


Pushchair Accessories

If like me you love your pushchair, then the chance to add something to it to make it better is very appealing. I have searched high (and low) for the best accessories, testing many over my 10 years of parenting. Some sound appealing but the reality is then a disappointment, but sometimes its something simple which has the best effect.


People always ask me what clips I recommend for putting on the handlebars of pushchairs, it doesn’t matter how big your shopping basket is, there is always a need for more! The Minene Stroller Netbag is impressive. It comes in a small pouch, but it stretches out and can fit loads in. This means you can pop it in your bag and use it only when needed. It attaches with a simple clip, so literally takes a second to fit to a pushchair. I find this fantastic for storing the raincover in, as well as blankets, shopping, school run stuff…the list goes on!

stroller netbag

These are available from in 7 different colours, for £10.

Another question I get quite often is ‘Do you let your child eat in their pushchair?’. Yes I do. I wouldn’t starve my child just to keep my pushchair looking nice, but at the same time I am concious of the mess. The Reversible liner is fantastic for popping in the seat of whatever pushchair it is I am using that day. The cotton side is nice looking, it is available in five colours. But on the other side is cotton towelling, which I find amazing for the summer when little ones are hot, it really does adsorb moisture.  It has universal slits, so fits any pushchair.

The Reversible Liners are available for £16.00.

reversible liner


Finally, the Pushchair Sunshade, is perfect for jazzing your pushchair up, and for keeping the sun out of your babies eyes…

pushchair sunshade blue

The Pushchair Sunshade is available in five colour schemes for £15.

Do you have a favourite accessory that you love using on your pushchair? We would love to here what you love!

Welcome to our blog :)

Hello Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas and friends!

Minene are excited to bring you, what will hopefully be, a blog full of laughs, information, images, products, fun ideas and more.

We will be having a lovely blogger join the team very soon and also have our lovely little Emmie chipping in about her busy days, as a crawling little bundle of fun!

We look forward to a fun and busy time! Please leave comments and feedback if you have something to say or add 🙂