World Breastfeeding Week 2013

Starting tomorrow, World Breastfeeding Week runs from 1st August through to 7th August, with lots of planned activities and even the  world record attempt ‘Big Latch On 2013‘ , we think this is a fantastic way to raise awareness of Breastfeeding and the support there is available for women.

At Minene we shall be joining in the week, with giveaways, guest posts from real life mothers, and even a post from a ‘peer support volunteer’. There will be lots going on and you can read all about it here:

Pyjama Party!

After a long day playing, there is nothing better than getting the little people in the bath and getting them washed clean, before popping them into clean pyjamas.

Pyjamas have not only got to look lovely, but they have an important function…they have to be comfortable for little people to wear for a good 12 hours! Minene pyjamas are made from 100% cotton, so they help keep the children comfortable.

They come in a very cute organza bag and bow, so make they make the perfect gift too.

minene pyjamas collage


You can find the full range online at:

Painting Fun AND Giveaway!

Our school holidays have kicked off here, and each day is now a flurry of activities to keep the children all amused. One of their most favourite things to do is good old fashioned Painting.


I know many parents worry about the mess when I mention the word paint, but honestly it doesn’t have to be messy at all. I invested in a plastic easel which is wipe clean, and I always use a plastic sheet underneath. I found the best plastic mats are actually the disposable tablecloths that are left over from the kids birthday parties. If you are still worried then why not take the painting outside.


I love letting the children loose outside with paints, it really is great for letting get messy. I also make sure they are wearing an apron to help protect their clothes. Of course the aprons we use are the Minene Apron which comes included with paints and a paintbrush which fit rather lovely into the plastic pocket on the front.

IMG_0171The sides fasten with velcro and are adjustable meaning this will fit a range of children from small to big.


You can buy the Painting Apron over on the Minene website, RRP is £12, but if you have a good look through the colours some are as little as £8!

Now here is your chance to win one for your own budding artist!

Simply fill in the rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win! Terms and conditions can be found on the widget.  UK residents only.
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Planning Days Trips for the Holidays

Planning day trips can seem scary, after all little people come with some much ‘stuff’, and the last thing you want is to be caught out with that all important comforter, or without a nappy as you have forgotten to pack it in the blur of activity getting ready to get out of the door.

I have planned a few days out for the kids this summer holiday, but I haven’t gone as crazy trying to book something for every single day like I have previous years. I have decided that it’s quality over quantity, but that is not to say that they will be expensive days out. I have been searching all over blogs to find some great fun days out that won’t cost a fortune.  Look for local(ish) parks, discovery centres and other places which are free to get into. My kids love going to our large park a few miles away, it has acres and acres of open fields. I buy some cheap kites, pack a picnic (don’t forget your picnic blanket too!) and prepare your bags the night before to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.


Get older children to help you. Get them to write a list of stuff they want/need to take with them on a day out. Give them their own cute bag to pack it all in. My toddler adores packing his animal child bag, he feels very grown up carrying it on his back. My older child loves writing a list and sneaking in a few toys for the journey, and even the occasional book!


Celebrating Paddling Pool Weather

Last year we just didn’t seem to get many sunny days where a paddling pool was needed, but this year we seem to have an abundance of them and paddling pools are selling out everywhere! I hunted high (and low) for one, and can categorically state that if you are after one then check your local supermarkets, as this is where I picked my family sized one from with success.

Kids of all ages love the padding pool, but here are a few tips of ways to make it better:

Fill up your pool with water first thing in the morning, it then has all day to heat up so it isn’t too cold for the tiny ones.

Use some form of cover, this is vital I think. It stops bugs and leaves getting in at night and helps keep it fresh for the little people.

Are the kids bored after a few days? Liven it up and add a bag of balls (like the type you use for the ball pools), they will love having something new to do in there and of course it gives them a good clean too!

Have towels on standby. One on the floor is great for people to stand on, it helps stop grass getting into the pool from wet feet when they decide they wanna jump back in. Towels on standby to wrap the kids up in also fabulous, like our Cuddly Bunny Towel which is snug and absorbent and has the cute factor too!


Keeping baby cool in the Summer

The summer time is a nice break from the rain and clouds, but most of us will moan that it is too hot at some point. The little people in our lives also get hot and bothered, and sometimes even grumpy too. Having a baby in the summer you are worried if they are going to overheat as they cannot regulate their body temperature well, but I have found a nappy is all my baby needs to keep cool. Yes the pretty dresses are gorgeous, but she gets so hot in them, they are relegated to cooler days.

reversible liner towelling

Putting my baby in her pushchair I use the Minene reversible liner, it has a cotton side and also a towelling side. This is great for keeping the moisture away from Emma, it is white too which helps reflect the sun.

It also is great for popping in the wash after they have eaten in the pushchair, the crumbs seem to catch in the liner, so are easily shook out. It washes up lovely, and dries quickly too. They are universal fitting, and I have tried them in Stokke Xplory, Cosatto Yo! and maclaren strollers, and they all fit great. To keep them in place there is also an elastic strap which tucks round the back and stops it moving when you get your child in and out, it actually works!

reversible towelling pushchair liner


You can find these online here for £16.00 each.


Preparing for a sunny Sunday

The heatwave of the UK continues, and we are making the most of it here at Minene UK. The kids are plastered in sun protection, and we are enjoying a break from the cooking by letting the men BBQ up some food.

Tomorrow is set to be nice too, and as it’s Sunday we will be making the most of it and kicking off the day with breakfast in the garden. I have been busy preparing some fruit to make into fruit kebabs, it’s really simple and effective. Just cut up your favourite fruits (and maybe something the children don’t tend to eat), push them onto wooden skewers which are available in the BBQ aisle of the supermarkets…and voila! Fruit skewers!

fruit skewers                                      Image credit. 

I always find filling up the paddling pool in the morning is a good idea, it gives it a few hours to heat up a little from the sun. Sitting down on the Minene Portable Activity Mat, I can hopefully catch a few sunrays while the kids splash happily in the pool.


Of course they can then wrap up in a Cuddly Poncho. Remember we have a giveaway running  on our blog where you could win one! Just enter here.

We hope you all enjoy your sunny weekend, and that the little people are coping OK with the heat…back soon!


Of course they have their Minene Cuddly Ponchos for when they get out.


Cuddly Poncho Giveaway!

It’s official, paddling pool weather has struck the UK this week and we think it’s the perfect way to cool down. Our poncho towels are perfect for toddlers and children to get dry poolside, and even bath side too!


They pop over the head, leaving legs free from dangling towels that could trip them up. The poncho design also means that you don’t have to worry about them staying around the little ones, it is one piece.  They are the perfect companion for bath time and poolside, they even have very cute ears and a hood too.



You can buy these from for £17.00 each.

But right now here is your chance to win one in the colour of your choice, that includes Blue, Green and Pink.

For your chance to win simply fill in the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Pushchair Accessories

If like me you love your pushchair, then the chance to add something to it to make it better is very appealing. I have searched high (and low) for the best accessories, testing many over my 10 years of parenting. Some sound appealing but the reality is then a disappointment, but sometimes its something simple which has the best effect.


People always ask me what clips I recommend for putting on the handlebars of pushchairs, it doesn’t matter how big your shopping basket is, there is always a need for more! The Minene Stroller Netbag is impressive. It comes in a small pouch, but it stretches out and can fit loads in. This means you can pop it in your bag and use it only when needed. It attaches with a simple clip, so literally takes a second to fit to a pushchair. I find this fantastic for storing the raincover in, as well as blankets, shopping, school run stuff…the list goes on!

stroller netbag

These are available from in 7 different colours, for £10.

Another question I get quite often is ‘Do you let your child eat in their pushchair?’. Yes I do. I wouldn’t starve my child just to keep my pushchair looking nice, but at the same time I am concious of the mess. The Reversible liner is fantastic for popping in the seat of whatever pushchair it is I am using that day. The cotton side is nice looking, it is available in five colours. But on the other side is cotton towelling, which I find amazing for the summer when little ones are hot, it really does adsorb moisture.  It has universal slits, so fits any pushchair.

The Reversible Liners are available for £16.00.

reversible liner


Finally, the Pushchair Sunshade, is perfect for jazzing your pushchair up, and for keeping the sun out of your babies eyes…

pushchair sunshade blue

The Pushchair Sunshade is available in five colour schemes for £15.

Do you have a favourite accessory that you love using on your pushchair? We would love to here what you love!