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Meet the Goodchilds – The Nursery

Following on from our introduction to The Goodchilds, we are so pleased to be able to show you our next video. Here is Lauren showing us around the nursery that Baby Dot will be coming home to.

Lauren highlights how storage is the most important thing, little baby’s might be small but they have so many things! The baskets shown in the video are Minene Large baskets, which are available in a range of colours and cost £25 each. The other storage she has is Ikea Expedit units.

Also shown is the Minene Supersize Muslins which are so so useful for so many things, from burping cloths, using as a nursing cover and even for lining the changing mat, these are invaluable.

Stay tuned for our next update….and hopefully a newborn baby!


Meet the Goodchilds!

We are very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with one family to bring you the story of their life. We love a bit of reality TV, and this is going to be a little of reality bought to you each week, following a real life family and their newborn baby.

So who are the Goodchilds? 

Lauren is Mummy Goodchild, she is married to Darren aka Daddy Goodchild. They have 4 year old Spud and 2 year old Spike, they also have a bump on board at the moment too.


Baby Dot is a girly bump and is due to make an appearance into the big world  on 5th October 2013, but we all know babies can be unpredictable!


The gorgeous photos were taken by Alice Speller Photography, and we thank them for letting us use them for our reality project.

What are we going to do with The Goodchilds?

We are going to be creating some video updates, blog posts and photos taking a sneaky peek into their world. We can’t wait to see the family grow. Watch this space for details of our first update, as we venture in and have a look at their world.

You can find Lauren online at