Minene Sample Sale!

Baby Sample Sale copy

Minene Sample Sale!

Our sample sale includes gorgeous Summer and Winter clothing – from newborn to age 2 plus accessories including footmuffs, liners, activity mats, storage and lots more!

Open House at 20 Wycombe Gardens, NW11 8AL
(5 mins from Golders Green station)

Wednesday 24th May from 10am till 3pm
(Restricted parking 11-12pm)

CASH only, starting from only £1!

All welcome!

Picnics with Minene!

I always dreamt of picnics in the park with my family, and luckily for me, we live in a city with an abundance of parks.
We’re also very much into getting outdoors at the moment and making the most of the beautiful weather we’re having recently.

So last weekend we decided to head out for the afternoon and have a little picnic in Palmerston Park in Southampton, one of our favourite spots at the moment. It’s filled with pretty flowers and plenty of shady trees, perfect for sitting under and letting Henry have a crawl around. After a quick stop in M&S for supplies we were ready for an afternoon in the sunshine.


We’ve also recently added to our picnic repertoire with this gorgeous activity mat* from Minene which combines style with functionality. The activity mat is perfect for setting up a picnic on, with a waterproof underside, and soft sensory toys attached to keep little hands entertained. It all comes in its own bag which fits perfectly over the handle bars of our pushchair.




Henry’s determined face in the above photo literally made my day when I was putting together this post so obviously I had to share it!




These boys of mine love their food!



Of course no picnic would be complete without some baby throwing, and baby escaping!



And finally, total picnic abandonment!! Seriously though, this is one really great and versatile blanket. It’s such high quality, and although a little on the pricier side, I think it’s well worth the cost as it is so well made and looks like it can stand any amount of small person torture! It survived a rampant 10 month old, which is more than can be said about our jaffa cakes (yep, Henry got in them and we didn’t realise until there was chocolate on his foot!) It’s 100% coming with us on every trip out, and I’m really looking forward to taking it to the beach with us when we go out for our staycations this year! That waterproof bottom looks perfect for protecting against sand too!

New Minene Pyjamas!

There’s nothing nicer than brand new pyjamas, so when we were asked to review some Minene Pjs I was more than happy to say yes.
Most of Ru’s pjs are getting too small and more than half are hand me downs!
I was asked to pick which ones I wanted, so I went for;


Ru loved both of the designs and was more than happy to jump into them as soon as he had, had his bath.
The first pair he picked out was the Summer Grey pjs.
The little monster on the t-shirt represents Ru right down to a T!
The material is nice and soft and the fit is perfect, not too tight not too baggy.


Each Pyjama set comes in a nice organza gift bag, so they’d make a perfect present.


It’s recommended that you wash them at 30 degrees.
They wash up well, we haven’t had any shrinkages yet and he’s worn them a few times since receiving them.
All of Minene Pjs are available from ages 2yrs right up to 8yrs!
Minene also have a sweet collection of baby clothes that go up to age 2.
Along with their range of clothes & Pjs, they have a beautiful range of storage for the home.
All at very reasonable prices.
If you haven’t checked out their website, I highly recommend having a look!


I love a good picnic with the kids and have since they were babies. I was always looking for that perfect versatile blanket that was water proof on one side, soft and thick enough to be comfortable to crawl on for baby and your bum to sit on but then grow up with us for our picnic days out as a whole family. We love to do picnics while on holiday so we always need a convenient way to carry the picnic blanket and basket with our hands free to hold the kid’s hands to wherever we are exploring for the day.

This Easter, we went to Ireland, we got to take with us this Minene Activity blanket that met all our criteria for a fab picnic day out for my two toddlers. They may not be babies anymore but it was thicker and softer than the normal picnic blankets we have bought in the past. It also comes with a fab carrier that still had room for other items which really saved my back when we were walking further distances for our picnics than just from the car.

Our first picnic was on a bit chillier day while we were visiting Great-Grandma’s house. The kids wanted their lunch outside by the flowers so we thought we would see just how comfortable our new picnic blanket was. My kids absolutely love eating outside as much as we do! They are usually ones that see a great place to sit and eat and shout out, “let’s have a picnic”.


We had a variety of picnics with friends and family and just us throughout our entire trip which was fab. When we got home, we got invited on a sunny Saturday to go have a picnic at Trentham Gardens with friends so we jumped at the opportunity to bring along our new picnic blanket. It was great for the kids to share while over looking the lake and swans. I was amazed at how much stuff I could fit in the carry tote along with the activity blanket. I only wish I had this when my two were little it’s fab.

I can’t stand sitting on a picnic blanket and feeling the cold ground which is a bonus with this one especially if you have babies crawling around on it. It does have cute little soft toys attached for playtime, entertainment and my two just used them to mark their side of the blanket and called them seat markers. I loved the vibrant stripes of this one.

It’s perfect for winter or summer picnic with it’s wipe clean material and it’s thickness to keep the cold ground at bay. It’s the perfect square size for a family of four at 135 cm x 135cm square 3cm thick. It comes in six different patterns and colors with matching tote bags! Bonus! It’s easy to throw over your shoulder and take wherever you want to go.

So whether you have a baby or you have a growing family that love picnic days, it’s the perfect versatile outdoor blanket and this pattern is on sale at only £20 now. It’s picnic season, let’s get our baby play or picnic days on!

*We were sent this for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own. 

Making bath time more comfortable!

Making bath time more comfortable

Alfie loves bath time, all my children did when they were babies. They love the feel of the water, kicking those legs, splashing about. I guess for babies it is just something different. I always feel for them when they are so young because they can’t really do that much except sit in a bouncy chair or lie on a play mat…..that is, apart from bath time. They then get to experience something a little different, a different sensation.

With my girls we always had bath time as part of the bedtime routine. A warm bath with some special bedtime bubble bath and a good splash always tired them out a little. However, Alfie has such dry skin I try not to bath him as much. However, when I do bath him, I may leave him to play a little bit longer as it makes him so happy. We have a baby bath which previously belonged to my girls but I always think it looks so uncomfortable. So when Minene sent me bath buddy to try out I was delighted.

Bath buddy

Bath Buddy Minene

If you haven’t heard of a bath buddy before it is a cushioned bath support. It is so soft and feels just like a bean bag. It came in a fun cow print pattern much to my girls delight so this bank holiday weekend we thought we would try it out! Alfie loved it – I have noticed in the bath he is always trying to lift his head up but using this bath buddy I found he didn’t leading me to think it must be down to it being so soft and comfortable for him. Our baby bath also pretty much takes up most of the bath, where this is a nice size allowing room for big sister Harri to get in with him, which he was very excited about (as was Harri).

It is also a perfect place to settle Alfie when I am applying his skin cream to him, he look so cosy in it. I would definitely recommend the bath buddy, I only wish I had heard about it when my girls were babies.

Not wanting to leave anybody out, the lovely people at Minene also sent my girls a small storage basket. We have recently decorated my girls room but storage is always an issue. We just have so much stuff!! It is such a pretty little storage basket too, pink with tiny flowers on – I knew exactly what I was going to put in there.

Hair bobbles and Brushes are like gold dust in our house. No matter how many I buy we can never find any in the mornings. It is the cause of many arguments on a school morning in our house. Ribbons, bobbles, brushes and combs are dotted all over the house and we can never find them when we need them. My Mum even bought some special Christmas ribbons which I couldn’t actually find come Christmas morning (I have since found them typically).

Minene small storage basket

Minene small storage basket

This storage basket is the perfect size for all our hair accessories and has two little handles allowing the girls to actually carry it to me when I start shouting ‘where are all the brushes!’. Storage doesn’t come much prettier than this. You can purchase these storage baskets in different sizes and I am considering buying a larger one to store the girls dressing up outfits. The only problem I have is choosing which pattern I like the best – so much choice!


Thank you Minene for making bath time more fun and helping out an unorganised Mummy (we were sent these items to review but all words are my own)

Bath time Bunny

With the long Easter weekend drawing close to an end there would be nothing more relevant than a product review that fit the vibe.

This comes in form of the hooded bath towel by Minene UK, what makes it Easter ready is the cute little bunny ears on the hooded towel.

First Impression

So we received the lovely bath towel and shipping and delivery time was quick so we didn’t have to wait ages. It arrived neatly and securely packaged. Once opened I was pleasantly surprised to see that it came in a cute dust bag. This was very much needed because we all know baby stuff can take up so much spare so having the dust/storage bag was a perfect extra.This is perfect for travelling as well as going to swimming with little one as you can pop it straight in your baby bag and it doesn’t take up room. I double it up as a bag to put swimming bits inside also hashtag result!


What I love about this hooded bath towel is that it has a Velcro strap that goes around mummy or daddy’s neck so once you pop baby out the bath it’s convenient to wrap baby round. It ensures that baby is not lingering around in the cold or you having to stretch your arm looking for a towel. Once baby is wrapped you can then unstrap easily and pop on changing mat or bed (wherever you decide to change bubs). 

A lot of hooded towels are plain and boring and I feel like as babies get older alot more entertaining needs to take place. The Minene Uk bunny ear towel brings that element of fun to the after bath time experience. Taliyah loves having a good play about after a bath and even just playing with the bunny ears adds some entertainment as well as her looking super cute.

As an exclusive breastfeeding mom I find that sometimes bath times at night put baby straight to sleep. As they are super relaxed so this bath towel is perfect for keeping baby close, whilst warmly wrapped and nursing them straight from the tub.

Taliyah like any other baby loves a good splash about during bath time and it can pretty hectic with water ending up in her hair (which she has a lot of). Now simply just drying with a towel cannot soak up all the water so the hooded element is perfect as it soaks up all the extra water but remains dry so she doesn’t catch cold.Bath toys details: B.Kid Squirt’N Sail Penguins from Kidly

Important bits

  • Animal hooded towel comes in two animal options in 5 colour ways
  • Material is soft, cuddly and soaks up water well
  • The clever apron design allows you to keep dry and leaves both hands free for safe lifting
  • Pricing: £22 (currently there’s a 20% Easter discount on all bunny hooded towels, using the discount code – BUNNY

Want to get your hands on one of these cute hooded towels checkout out: http://www.minene.co.uk hope you love this cute but very practical product as much as we do 

Pretty in Pink!

If there’s one thing we love in this house, it’s pyjamas! And I’m not ashamed to admit that we have days, far too many of late, when we like to stay in them all day! Although the girls have had some lovely fleece pyjamas over the Winter months, the last few weeks they have been waking up and stripping off, and so this review coincided quite nicely with us being on the look out for new Summer pyjamas.

When the girls pyjamas arrived from Minene I was so impressed with the packaging. Gift packaged in an organza gift bag I instantly got the impression of good quality and something that little bit extra special that would make the perfect gift.

We received these floral Summer pyjamas which are so pretty and available in sizes 2-8 years.

Both the top and the bottom have the Minene tag on the outside, which adds a little designer touch.

The girls couldn’t wait to get their pyjamas on last night, with both Eva and Megan commenting that they were lovely and soft. Made from 100% pure cotton I completely agree, they feel so fresh and airy, and you can almost feel that they will wash beautifully.

I love that the pyjama tops have short sleeves, which are perfect for the  Summer, and that the pyjama bottoms are cuffed so they don’t ride up in the same way when the girls are in bed. You’d be amazed how a pyjama leg riding up can be classed as an emergency at three in the morning when Megan is screaming the house down!!

Priced at £16 the pyjamas are a little more expensive than some other brands and yet they are also far better quality. I will most definitely be buying the girls another pair for the Summer months, and I already have my eye on these unicorn ones!

Activity Mats just arrived!

9736 3

Minene’s colourful, padded, portable activity blankets with storage bag are essential accessories for picnics and daytrips.

We have 3 brand new designs for this Spring / Summer!

The surface of the blanket is made from 100% cotton canvas and comes with two toys attached. The underside is made from water resistant polyurethane, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

9730 2

Big Things For The Little Ones